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Freshly prepared breakfast served on the sea view terrace.

'Oikos' Means Home

Our Oikos Villa team will be on hand, delivering subtle and professional personal service, making sure that you feel completely at home from the moment you arrive. 


They'll do everything for you, from serving exceptional 3 course meals on the terrace, to keeping the villas clean and tidy. 


You won't even notice they're there.


​You'll experience the sumptuous delights of uniquely Greek dishes made with local ingredients and bursting with flavour.

You can choose from our 3 course fine dining options or a less formal experience for your daily repast. Each meal is made up of high quality, tasty dishes that will leave you wanting more.


We can cater for vegetarians and vegans, so please let us know about your special requirements.

Special Events

Create your own party or celebration during your stay.


Leave it to us to make it a memorable event. 

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