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Join this wellbeing retreat for women, created to help you relax and take time out from your busy life to focus on yourself.

The fun and dynamic personal development workshops will help you discover how to harness your unique fierce and feminine qualities so you feel confident to fully express yourself in any situation, especially with men. 

Dates & Prices

2025 schedule to be published in September


The focus of this wellbeing retreat for women is relaxation and personal development. You’ll be able to enjoy daily meditation and yoga to centre your mind and body, preparing you for the dynamic psychological workshops. You’ll learn how you can be a more empowered woman by taking part in exercises, group discussions and role plays.

This is an exclusive, tailor-made wellbeing retreat including:

  • 5 inspiring personal development workshops (4-5 hours each day)

  • morning and evening meditation circle

  • daily yoga class (beginner and intermediate levels)

  • daily swims and time at the local beach 

  • one 30-minute Reiki energy healing treatment

  • 6 nights accommodation at a specified venue

  • healthy food and drinks, freshly prepared with local ingredients for breakfast and lunch.

What Makes This Retreat Special?

Every aspect of the retreat has been designed to create a space where you can open up whilst being fully supported by the professional retreat leaders and the group. The small group that comes together for each retreat is a maximum of 12 women who provide support for each other. Everyone has an opportunity to be heard and no-one is left behind.


The retreat space is private and absolutely confidential. Being there for each other is key to the workshops’ success.

You’ll learn through the power of shared experience. When someone in the group expresses their feelings, you might feel that you could have said exactly the same thing. Even though we’re all different, there are common themes that come up during the workshops. You’ll be able to learn from other women’s experience as if it were your own.


When you are so connected with other members of the group, you'll understand them through familiar experiences. This is very powerful when you take part in role plays because you’re able to play the antagonist’s role with conviction and support the woman exercising newly learned skills. And they will be able to do the same for you.

Reconnect With Your Fierce Feminine

Through the personal development workshops for women, you'll be able to reconnect with your fierce feminine.


Starting with yourself, you’ll connect with your natural feminine qualities which are about being able to protect yourself whilst being a sensual woman. This is personal for every woman and the key to expressing who you are.


By learning how to set boundaries, you’ll be able to assert yourself naturally in your own ‘fierce’ way without trying to compete with men.


When you reconnect with your intuition and sensuality, you’ll discover your true feminine nature.

You’ll be able to trust yourself, be decisive and take control of your life. When you couple this with owning your sensuality, you'll develop a deep sense of love for yourself which will increase your self-esteem.


You’ll discover the key ways in which women and men are different in relationships.


You’ll focus on your professional and personal relationships with men as an important aspect of drawing out your fierce feminine. You have to deal with men in everyday life and how you interact with them is influenced by your conditioning. You’ll understand how it’s stopped you from fully expressing yourself, especially as a woman.


​When you bring together your fierce assertiveness with your sensual feminine qualities, you’ll be able to handle any situation with confidence.

You’ll learn:

  • ​how to assert yourself and be ‘fierce’ in your own way

  • how to access your sensuality and use your ‘feminine’ qualities

  • how to handle men and have a great relationship.

Spending the Day Outside

Benefits for you

  • Become a more empowered woman with fun, dynamic personal development workshops.

  • Take time out of your busy life and recharge yourself in the privacy of this woman only retreat.

  • Go inward and find peace with meditation.

  • Stretch yourself with yoga to feel calm and energised.

  • Create healthy eating habits that you can take home.

  • Swim in the beautiful clear ocean and refresh your body and soul.

Fierce Feminine Workshops

Day 1: Your Conditioning

Day 2: What Does ‘Fierce’ Mean to You?

Day 3: Exploring Your Femininity

Day 4: Understanding Men & The Male Brain

Day 5: The Successful Relationship Model

Day 1

The journey towards being an empowered woman begins by allowing a space to explore social, cultural and family conditioning around being a woman. That means identifying the rules others have defined and tried to impose on you about what it means to be a woman. Once you’re aware of your conditioning, you’re able to release what does not work and has been holding you back. This is how you redefine what it means to be a woman from your core and chart the journey for expressing yourself fully.


Day 2

Assertiveness is the basic building block of self-confidence and boundaries are part of how you assert yourself. In this workshop, you’ll learn how strong your boundaries are, how to set boundaries and protect them by asserting yourself.  Your femininity can only emerge once you feel that you can assert and protect yourself at any time.


Day 3 

Women’s natural feminine qualities of intuition and sensuality are very important to be able to navigate life. Intuition is your guide to protecting yourself and ‘feeling’ whether something is right or wrong for you. Sensuality is your unique feminine essence and you have to feel safe before you can really embody it. To what extent do you trust and use these two very powerful tools?


Day 4

You’ll discover the unique qualities of the female brain especially in relation to communication and just how different the male brain is!


You’ll learn how to manage all types of relationships with men, whether it's in your personal or professional life, particularly when the line between business and pleasure becomes blurred. You’ll examine the different types of men you’ve attracted into your life and the patterns that you get stuck in.

Day 5 

When you’ve redefined yourself as an assertive and confident ‘fierce’ woman who can also be a sensual ‘feminine’ woman, you’ll see how to use your fierce feminine nature to achieve your full potential in all areas of life.


  • ​You’ll understand what drives and motivates men and how their conditioning affects them.

  • You’ll see how to use your fierce feminine nature to handle men in a way that you can feel safe and secure.

  • You’ll get to know the different types of men who are terrified of intimacy and the masks they use.

  • You’ll discover what signs to look for to attract and keep the right kind of man in a relationship.

2025 Schedule & Prices Coming in September 

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