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On this retreat for couples, you’ll be able to connect with each other through the specially designed personal development workshops. You'll learn the secret to creating and maintaining a successful relationship together.

Dates & Prices

2025 schedule to be published in September


The focus of this wellbeing retreat for couples is relaxation and personal development. You’ll be able to enjoy daily meditation and yoga to centre your mind and body, preparing you for the dynamic psychological workshops. You’ll learn how to express yourself and have a great relationship by taking part in exercises, group discussions and role plays.

This is an exclusive, tailor-made wellbeing retreat including:

  • 5 inspiring personal development workshops for couples (4-5 hours each day)

  • morning and evening meditation circle

  • daily yoga class (beginner and intermediate levels)

  • daily swims and time at the local beach  

  • one 30-minute Reiki energy healing treatment

  • 6 nights accommodation at a specified venue

  • healthy food and drinks, freshly prepared with local ingredients for breakfast and lunch.

What Makes This Retreat Special?

This is a tailored retreat for couples, especially designed to create a space where you can open up and work on your relationship whilst being fully supported by the professional retreat leaders and the group. Each retreat group is a maximum of 6 couples who provide support for each other as you progress through the week's programme. Everyone has an opportunity to be heard and no-one is left behind. Supporting each other is key to the workshops’ success.

The retreat is completely private and confidential so you have freedom within that space to speak openly with other couples who relate to what you're dealing with.


You’ll learn through the power of shared experience from couples who are going through similar things. You'll find that when someone expresses their feelings, you'll feel that you could have said exactly the same thing. Even though we’re all different, there are common themes that come up during the workshops.


When you are so connected with other members of the group, you'll be able to take part in role plays with conviction and support them exercising newly learned skills. And they will be able to do the same for you.

Understand Exactly How Relationships Work

Learn why so many couples get it wrong and how you can get it right when it comes to having a great relationship.


We all have to work at being in a romantic partnership, especially when it’s with the person you’ve chosen for life. By understanding each other to the best of our ability and working together, we can create happiness each day.


This powerful series of workshops for couples will give you the tools to clear up the problems that have got in the way of your happiness together and help you relate to each other in a meaningful way. You’ll experience the power of healing that happens when you work in a group with other couples who are dealing with similar issues.

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What are the benefits of the retreat?

  • Learn how to have a successful relationship through the dynamic personal development workshops.

  • Take time out of your busy life and recharge yourself in the privacy of this couples only retreat.

  • Find peace and calm with daily group meditation.

  • Enjoy yoga to open and energise your body and mind.

  • Eat well and create healthy habits to take home.

  • Connect with nature at the beach and refresh your body and soul in the crystal clear sea.

Relationship Recharge Workshops

Day 1: The successful relationship model

Day 2: Your conditioning

Day 3: Boundaries and assertiveness as a couple

Day 4: Balancing masculine and feminine energy in your relationship

Day 5: Mapping the way forward together

Day 1

What’s the secret to a successful relationship?


Understanding the difference between the male and female mindset is fundamental to making a relationship work. How you relate to each other, especially when it comes to intimacy and passion, is the key to coming together as a couple. You’ll be asked to think about your current relationship model and how that relates to our successful relationship model.

Day 2

You’ll delve into how social, cultural and family conditioning has affected and moulded your concept of what it means to be a couple. You’ll also begin to unravel the myths around how relationships work.


It’ll be a day of releasing relationship patterns that do not work and creating a new concept of how to contain each other in your relationship.


Day 3

Boundaries and assertiveness are key building blocks for a strong relationship. As a couple, you’ll explore how to set the boundaries to protect your relationship. Your relationship will only work when you each take responsibility for your half of it, finding balance and harmony together.

You’ll learn about the various stages of assertiveness, and how to avoid being passive-aggressive, as well as trying out some techniques to manage a healthy conversation rather than having a destructive fight.


Day 4

You’ll explore the concepts of masculine and feminine energy and how they flow in your relationship. You’ll look at the balance of power in your relationship and what happens when one of you gives up their power. This is a common cause for relationships becoming boring, predictable or even breaking down. You’ll be introduced to a way to find balance and create a fun, playful and passionate relationship.


Day 5

This is where you’ll bring all the learning together from the previous four days so you can map the way ahead together as a couple. You’ll look at what you’ve learned throughout the week, then talk about:


  • how you’ve grown

  • what you’ve decided to let go of

  • what new ways of being you’ve taken on.


We’ll talk about what happens after the retreat so that you can keep growing as a couple.

2025 Schedule & Prices Coming in September

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