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Weekend Workshop for Women

New Dates for 2024 Coming Soon


The Fierce Feminine Weekend Workshop

Discover and own your natural Fierce Feminine power as a woman and improve every area of your life.

This is an in-person event in Athens, Greece

Are You Ready to Discover Your Power?

Get your power from within and learn how to tap into it with the help of Dimitri Raftopoulos, a successful London psychotherapist, actor and film-director who has worked extensively with both men and women, straight and gay, singles and couples. The Fierce Feminine Workshops for women are a culmination of his work and experience in his private practice in London’s Oxford Street, as well as many years of personal and corporate workshops. The playful but profound workshops for women include the use of spiritual and psychotherapeutic insights, drama and role-play as tools to help you find and integrate your own insights.


Power cannot only be given to women by laws and society, it must also be accessed from within. The habit of disempowerment passed down to women over generations can be gently unlearnt and replaced with life skills and habits of speech, body-language, mind-set and actions that can have life-changing consequences in your personal, romantic and professional life!


The steps to learning how to tap into the ‘Fierce Feminine’, and un-learning all the blocks handed down over generations of conditioning – are the natural principles which Dimitri has uncovered over a decade of research and practice with his clients, to help women stay true to their nature while feeling free to tap into their innate stores of power. Only when women learn to access and activate their own power, can they find it in themselves to effortlessly counterbalance masculine power without the need to vanquish it. There is no need for a battle of the sexes, let it be a dance, an art; a true art of living!


Presented by Dimitri Raftopoulos
Psychotherapist and Relationship Expert

Dimitri created the Fierce Feminine Workshops out of demand from his female clients who wanted to find a great relationship. With over 20 years' psychotherapy experience, you can learn the most important relationship lessons from the expert directly.

Co-presented by Claire Neylan
Executive Coach, Life Coach & Reiki Healer

Claire leads daily meditation circles at the wellbeing retreats she and Dimitri have created and at this weekend workshop. She works intuitively with her clients to help them improve their mental health and realise their full potential through her varied experience of coaching and energy healing.


Workshop Benefits

You’ll go on your own personal development journey to understand and harness your inner power and express yourself authentically as a Fierce Feminine goddess. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • assert yourself and be ‘fierce’ in your own way

  • access your sensuality and embody your ‘feminine’ qualities

  • harness your own power so that you get exactly what you want 

  • manage men in any situation, especially relationships.

What Can I Expect from the Weekend Workshop?

This dynamic personal development weekend workshop for women is about discovering your natural capabilities which you’ve hidden away or not used. By tapping into them, you'll be able to reconnect with your Fierce Feminine power and embody it confidently.


Even if you’re very confident and achieving success in your life, when you do this by competing in a man’s world – set up to favour men - you lose something of your feminine beauty.  


The Fierce Feminine Weekend Workshop is about reclaiming that amazing part of you, the under-appreciated part, and unleashing all that is amazing about being a woman!


Women play a vital role in bringing balance into the world, which is much needed right now.  When you uncover the ways you’ve been conditioned and dominated in society, which forms who you have become, you can start to take action and reclaim your Fierce Feminine power.


Dimitri Raftopoulos will guide you through a variety of tuition, group discussions and insightful role plays so that you can connect with your natural female qualities: being able to protect yourself whilst being a sensual woman. This is personal for every woman and the key to expressing who you are as a Fierce Feminine goddess.


You’ll focus on your professional and personal relationships with men as an important aspect of drawing out your Fierce Feminine power. You have to deal with men in everyday life and how you interact with them is influenced by a number of things.


In the workshops you’ll discover:

  • how your conditioning has stopped you from fully expressing yourself in all areas of your life

  • how to set boundaries and be able to assert yourself naturally in your own ‘fierce’ way without trying to compete with men

  • how to reconnect with your intuition and sensuality and discover your true feminine nature

  • the key ways in which women and men are different and how this affects communication and relationships.


​When you bring together your fierce assertiveness with your sensual feminine qualities, you’ll be able to handle any situation with confidence.

Fierce Feminine Workshop Programme

Over the weekend, you'll cover all the themes in the programme finishing about half-way through at the end of Saturday.  The workshops are delivered in English, however Dimitri can translate into Greek if needed.

Your Conditioning

The journey towards being an empowered woman begins by allowing a space to explore social, cultural and family conditioning around being a woman. That means identifying the rules others have defined and tried to impose on you about what it means to be a woman. Once you’re aware of your conditioning, you’re able to release what does not work and has been holding you back. This is how you redefine what it means to be a woman from your core and chart the journey to expressing yourself fully.

What Does 'Fierce' Mean to You?

Assertiveness is the basic building block of self-confidence and boundaries are part of how you assert yourself.  You’ll learn how strong your boundaries are, how to set boundaries and protect them by asserting yourself.  Your femininity can only emerge once you feel that you can protect yourself in any situation.

Exploring Your Femininity

Women’s natural feminine qualities of intuition and sensuality are very important to be able to navigate life. Intuition is your guide to protecting yourself and ‘feeling’ whether something is right or wrong for you. Sensuality is your unique feminine essence and you have to feel safe before you can really embody it. To what extent do you trust and use these two very powerful tools?

Understanding Men &

The Male Brain

You’ll discover the unique qualities of the female brain especially in relation to communication and just how different the male brain is!


You’ll learn how to manage all types of relationships with men, whether it's in your personal or professional life, particularly when the line between business and pleasure becomes blurred. You’ll examine the different types of men you’ve attracted into your life and the patterns that you get stuck in.

Communication & Relationships

When you’ve redefined yourself as an assertive and confident ‘fierce’ woman who can also be a sensual ‘feminine’ woman, you’ll see how to use your Fierce Feminine nature to achieve your full potential in all areas of life.

  • You’ll see how to use your Fierce Feminine nature to handle men in a way that you can feel safe and secure in all situations.

  • You’ll understand what drives and motivates men and how their conditioning affects them.

  • You’ll get to know the different types of men who are terrified of intimacy and the masks they use.

  • You’ll discover what signs to look for to attract and keep the right kind of man in a relationship.

What You'll Experience

The weekend workshop is limited to 16 women who are able to attend both full days. You’ll be supporting each other in this confidential space through group discussions and role plays over the 2 days.  

Each morning, Claire Neylan will lead a short meditation and heart circle to set an intention and align the group with the themes for the day.


Dimitri Raftopoulos will facilitate the fun and dynamic workshops with a combination of tuition, interactive group discussions and role plays.  It’s an experiential workshop so you won’t need to take notes.​


Claire will finish with a short meditation to conclude the workshop and integrate the learnings from each day. 


There will be frequent breaks and an hour for lunch. You’ll be able to use the kitchen facilities for drinks and food.


Early Bird: €199 per person

Standard: €249 per person

Places are limited to 16 per weekend.

Dates & Times

Dates: Coming Soon for 2024

Time: 9.30am to 6.30pm each day

Venue: Moon Station Athens, Kolokotroni 11, Syntagma.


You must be able to attend both full days.

The event is in-person only in Athens, Greece.

Register Your Interest

Send us your details and we'll contact you with dates for the next weekend workshop before we publish them.


Places are limited to 16 women and you must be able to attend both full days.

Thank you! We'll be in touch soon.

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