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A Big Wave


The True Masculine personal development workshops on this retreat for men are designed to help you discover how to harness and balance your innate masculine and feminine qualities and show up as a truly masculine man. You'll learn how to utilise emotional intelligence to be successful in relationships and in life. 

Dates & Prices

2025 schedule to be published in September


The focus of this wellbeing retreat for men is personal development combined with physical training in a private environment. You’ll be able to enjoy daily exercise classes, including HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) combined with meditation to centre your mind and body, preparing you for the dynamic psychological workshops. You’ll learn how to harness all the aspects of your nature to become a truly masculine man by taking part in group discussions and role plays.

This is an exclusive, tailor-made luxury retreat including:

  • 5 inspiring personal development workshops for men (2-3 hours each day)

  • morning and evening meditation circle

  • daily sports classes and activities including HIIT, martial arts and running

  • daily swims and time at the local beach

  • one 30-minute Reiki energy healing treatment

  • 6 nights accommodation at a specified venue

  • freshly prepared healthy food and drinks for breakfast and lunch.

What Makes This Retreat Special?

This wellbeing retreat has been designed specifically for men to provide you with a space where you can challenge yourself physically through tailored exercise classes that combine with the daily topics of the psychological workshops.  


The retreat is completely private and confidential so you’ll have freedom within that space to speak openly with other men who are there to grow and embody their own true masculine self. This is a safe space to open up and work on yourself whilst being fully supported by the professional retreat leaders and your group.


Each retreat group is a maximum of 12 men who provide support for each other as you progress through the week's programme. Everyone has an opportunity to be heard and no-one is left behind. Supporting each other is key to the workshops’ success.

You’ll learn through the power of shared experience from men who are going through similar things to you. When someone in the group expresses their feelings, you'll be able to relate to it as if it were you. Even though we’re all different, there are common themes that come up during the workshops.


When you are so connected with other members of the group, you'll be able to take part in role plays with conviction and support them in exercising newly learned skills. And they will be able to do the same for you.

Discover Your True Masculine

This retreat will help you understand what true masculine power is and how to find yours. You’ll develop the capacity to harness emotional intelligence and be balanced in your masculine and feminine energies, which is what being truly masculine means. You can be assertive when necessary but also able to shift into your softer self, which is what attracts women to you.


You’ll be able to achieve all your goals in life, including attracting the woman of your dreams. A true force of nature.

Meditating in Nature

The Benefits For You

  • Discover your own true masculinity and how to embody it through the fun, dynamic personal development workshops.

  • Take time out for yourself in the seclusion of this retreat.

  • Calm your body and mind with meditation and focused breathing.

  • Challenge yourself to achieve more with the daily exercise programme.

  • Eat well and create some healthy habits to take home.

  • Refresh your body and soul with beach walks and swimming in the crystal clear ocean.

True Masculine Workshops

Day 1: Understanding change

Day 2: Find out what’s holding you back

Day 3: Clearing your blocks and limiting beliefs

Day 4: What a fresh start looks like for you

Day 5: Creating your action plan

Day 1

We are creatures of habit and comfort. We also live a lot in our heads so we tend to simplify things to manage our world and stay in our comfort zone.

Change is actually a complex psychological process that affects both your mind and body. If you don’t understand this, it will be difficult to leave your comfort zone, which means there is little room for growth.


Day 2

The intention to change something about yourself or your life will trigger you, both mentally and emotionally. It will be psychologically challenging.

Mentally, change will bring up your limiting beliefs about growing and living your best life. It will also bring up a wide range of feelings - it's important to identify what feelings are holding you back so you can deal with them.


Day 3

Our group sessions will help you identify the feelings holding you back. Once you allow yourself to feel those feelings, they lose their hold over you. You’ll feel capable to tackle the mentally limiting beliefs as we work through them. You’ll see that their only real purpose is to keep you safe by keeping you small.


Day 4

Your future life is now within reach. To achieve anything, you must first see it in your mind’s eye.


Together, we’ll map out your road to a great life. What does that look like for you? Within what time frame? Once you speak it and write it down, you’ll feel so empowered. Sharing this with your fellow retreat members will make it real and show you that you’re not alone in your endeavour.


Day 5

Now it’s time to create an action plan and discover the tools that will keep you on track. We’ll help you define your strengths when it comes to sticking with an action plan, but also how to improve upon your weaknesses.


We’ll also reveal the secrets to:

  • staying motivated and super-charged around achieving your daily and weekly goals

  • strategies to recover quickly when you have a wobble or want to give up.

2025 Schedule & Prices Coming in September

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