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One Day on the Fierce Feminine Retreat

Imagine yourself relaxing on a comfy beanbag by the infinity pool, warmed by the sun, looking out to sea, breathing in fresh air and listening to the quiet countryside.

There is no work for you to do. You don't have to think about anyone or anything.

You feel a distinct lack of stress in your mind and your body. All your muscles are relaxed and you've melted into the beanbag. The sun is a perfect temperature and there's a wonderful breeze wafting over you.

Your day

Your day starts with a peaceful meditation on the terrace in the cool of the morning, clearing your mind of all the many thoughts that are usually there demanding your attention. You are able to go inwards and find some calm in your day and centre yourself.

Then breakfast is served to you outside, whilst you take in more of that sapphire sea view. The food tastes so good, especially because someone else has prepared it!

The main event

You get to spend the morning doing something for you.

In your outdoor classroom, you take part in the personal development workshop, led by Dimitri. Don't expect to sit around a Powerpoint presentation though! Dimitri teaches you a concept and you immediately take part in role plays and discussions which bring it to life. In relation to your life. You're on the road to grow in the way you need to. After all, it's your journey.

The group discussions show you that there are people just like you, experiencing similar things and you're able to connect with them on a completely different level. You find that listening to them articulate what's happened to them is exactly what it's been like for you. You get something from all the discussions; when someone tells their story, you can relate to it and draw parallels with your own experience. It feels like everything was designed with you in mind.

When the workshop finishes, lunch is served to you outside and you can switch off and just enjoy the delicious, local Kefalonian food and chat with the group.

The afternoon is yours

You can take time for yourself to reflect on what happened in the workshop, all you learned and what that means for you; sit by the pool, take a walk, journal your thoughts.

You may want some company, so you can check out the local beaches and go for a picnic with the group or take a walk to the local monastery and light a candle.

And so to bed

Once you've spent the afternoon expending your energy or just chilling out, you'll be ready for another sumptuous meal! Dinner is served so you can enjoy the full radiance of the sunset, before heading off for an early night to gather yourself for more of the same tomorrow.


One Woman's Day at the Fierce Feminine Luxury Retreat

Well, they say a picture paints a thousand words, so take a look at just some of the things you'll experience when you join one of our retreats.


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